Sustainable Design for Small Houses.

With this project of designing a small house, I think it’s important to focus on ways that sustainability can be achieved on the inside of the space we’re creating since we only have 500 sq. ft. to work with.  It will have to be versatile and flexible and every square inch has to be usable.  As far as design concepts, one of the things I have thought about is minimalism.  I think about to a piece of architecture that achieves this and what comes to mind is the Barcelona Pavilion by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.  There was minimalism, but there was also a feeling of being outside while inside with the open areas and floor to ceiling

Also with this project I would also like to explore how sustainability can be achieved outside with exterior siding materials (which is my research subject).  My project from last semester had to do with choosing materials that would not only work with my design, but that would also hold up in outdoor conditions.  I also tried to pick materials that would be able to be recycled and reused.  I think this will help me a lot with my personal house design and I will have more knowledge about what kinds of materials are best for green dwelling exteriors.

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