After Friday’s critique, I was left questioning my concept, but in the past I have always threw away ideas and started over.  This time I’m going to stick with the concept I came up with and develop it.  I received a broad range of comments during the critique and some of the people I talked to really liked my idea while others thought my concept was just an idea and not as something that can help me make design decisions.  There were a few people who gave me a lot of great suggestions such as looking into passive solar and incorporating it into my design since my design focus a lot on the sun and the sun paths during the day in the Living Well Community.  Another comment I found useful was looking into making my floor plan more “transparent” and making the space feel more open because my design didn’t really accomplish that feeling.  To develop my project, I’m going to research the sun path during the day as well as research ways I can incorporate the sun into my design while still achieving the concept of transparency.


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